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As published few days ago, today I am publishing an Amiga Magazine review, “Amiga Shopper”.

I read the issue 8 from “Amiga shopper” and here is my little review.

On the first page, Editorial says “if you ve considered buying an Amiga, this is the place” 😉

It covers hardware, software of course, and 16 pages of the magazine dedicated to “answer” the questions about the Amiga.

It has also a place named “Public Domain World” where you can found “thousands” of Public domain software, “for the price of a disk” (actually on the net of course).

The issue itself consists of 172 pages (yeah, it sounds as good as it is).

It has also a “Begginer’s  Answers” section, as it name says, it answer Amiga newbees questions.

It covers also Amiga programming, and the magazine itself contains software ads, with includes Text editors like “Wordwroth” and others, which tells the professional oriented computar that is the Amiga computer.

On this very interesting issue you have also a “Buyers Guide”, where there are detailed info about all Amiga since Amiga 500.
This magazine “Amiga shopper”, it’s a very complete guide for the Amiga users, full of details of the sofware, the hardware and how to use it.
Nowadays also its very useful, why?, because Amiga scebe it’s huge and very active, just search #amiga and you will find.
If you’re an Amiga user or just a fan, it’s a very useful resource.
It’s available out there on Internet, just searching Amiga shopper you can find a full edition.
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Thanks Amiga users !!
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