“Monopoly” #Amiga500 Game review

Welcome to another game review of the “Commodore Amiga 500” computer.

On this article I am going to talk about a famous board game MONOPOLY, for the
Amiga 500 and other Amiga computers.

First Monopoly form Amiga was developed in 1989 by Leisure; its a good game, with OCS graphics, simple but good.
Other versions were developer later, from other companies.

The ingame its exactly the original Monopoly: you roll the dice, buy properties, and you build houses when you have enough properties, etc.

On Main screen, you see the board, with very few details: you can see only the colour of the place, and the type, and the player position; it doesnt show the name or other things.

On the bottom you can see a detail of 4 cases showing the places where the actual player is.

on the right side, the detail of the place where you are (name, prices, mortgage, etc)

How yo play? Its not the best thing in this game, the play mode; you can not play with the keyboard, you must use the mouse.
You must move the mouse to the upper side, where you see a menu with options to play.
In this options you have: PLAYER (see houses, owners) NEXT (to roll dices, end turn), BUILD houses, or TRADE to offer properties and exchange.

The graphics are good but not so sophisticated. It lacks a “full” board, with all the detail, but good thing its the exactly game.

To complete this review, I put a link for a review video play of youtube user “njenkin”:

This game has a good point for Monopoly lovers, and like the original game, you can play hours and the game doesnt ends (long long play); graphics are so simple, but its designed for the original Amiga 500.
recommended if you like board, and monopoly, games.
TO BE IMPROVED: A full board in the main screen showing nameplaces, prices, etc. A pointandclick board (you can not click on the board, doesnt do anything).
Also, it will be good some more keyboard interactive.

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