“Crime city” Amiga Game Review

Welcome to another game review of the “Commodore Amiga 500” computer.

On this article I am going to talk about a “graphic” adventure, “point and click” style, where your goal is to investigate a murder, with your father jailed, and a man called “David” killed.

The plot it’s interesting and simple: a man called “David” has been murdered, and your father has been accused, but he isn’t the murderer, so you must investigate the case and reveal the real murderer and free your father from jail.

The graphics are static and so simple, but they are cool. It’s a pint and click adventure, with the mouse: it means that you must click on the “objects” or “persons” of every scene , and a Dialog will popup, where you choose a question and answer will be showed to you, and new dialogs and things will be discovered.

Main screen is a map with all the places you can go: crime scene, police station, your home, your girlfriend, etc
You can go to these places walking or in vehicle (it costs you money (pounds))
On this screen also there’s actual date and time, and money you have.
Time it’s consumed on a every travel from one place to another.
Crime scene: when you click on an object, it show a message with some info on the upper black zone.
Police station: here you can visit your father, talk with him, and with the officer, also you can prove your father is innocent (of course if you can prove it 🙂 )

Other place like the hospital (you can ask for a date the nurse lol )
Your girlfriend home, as you can see, you must dialog with as many people as you can to get info.

Your mums place, you can take tea.
This game has basic graphics and a good plot and interesting point and click style of game.
As other Amiga games, it’s an easy to understand and play adventure, for our 500 computer; recommended if you like this type of games and mystery stories.
TO BE IMPROVED: Some more places and more dialogs options (more complex)

Posted on November 7, 2018 in amiga,amiga500,commodore,game by Joseph Oli

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